Democratic Party History at a Glance
thanks to the Prince William County Democratic Committee

Thomas Jefferson

More than two centuries ago, a Virginia farmer united with others of similar political thought and a revolution was born. The entire world heard the cry of the new nation that resulted. That Virginian was Thomas Jefferson, the country was the United States of America, and the political party he would later found was the Democratic Party (about the DNC). From its infancy, the Democratic Party has been committed to the ideal of government for the people, not government for government’s sake. A primary concern of the Democratic Party has always been the struggle for social equality.

The Democratic Donkey
 Andrew Jackson
“Let the people rule ” was Andrew Jackson’s rallying call during his bid for the presidency in 1828.  His opponents, horrified at his slogan, labeled him a “jackass” for his populist views. Jackson foiled the mud-slinging by adopting the donkey on campaign posters. Although never officially adopted, the donkey has been the accepted symbol of the Democratic Party since the mid-1800s.

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content updated November 17, 2015