Please make sure you know who you are voting for and where you vote.

Voter Information for Fairfax County, Lee District

Voting is your fundamental right as an American, and the most basic means by which you have a voice in how your government works. By voting, you participate in a process that determines who will represent you, your family, and your neighbors in your community, your state, and your country.

You are eligible to vote if you are …

  • A citizen of the United States
  • At least 18 years of age by the next general election
  • A resident of Virginia

vote!Questions about voter registration or to help with, or organize, a voter registration drive contact us.

As long as you show up at the polls ON TIME, you cannot be turned away without voting on the machines or by casting a provisional ballot. Be sure you are at your correct precinct location.

Voters are supposed to present some form of identification when they come to vote. For acceptable forms of identification click here.

If you do not have an ID, you will be able to vote a provisional ballot after you sign a statement confirming your identity (you must be in the correct precinct). For more information, you may call the office of Voter Registration at (703) 324-4735.


  • November 8, 2016 6:00 am – 7:00 pm – General Election Day
2010-2019 Election Schedule by Office
OFFICE   2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020
Federal Offices (U.S.) President/Vice President X X X
  Senate X X
  Senate X X
  House of Representatives X X X X X
Statewide Offices Governor X X
  Lt. Governor X X
  Attorney General X X
General Assembly State Senate X X X
  House of Delegates X X X X X
Local Offices Board of Supervisors X X X
  School Board X X X
  Commonwealth’s Attorney X X X
  Sheriff X X X
  Clerk of the Court X
  Soil and Water Commission X X X
Town Offices Clifton-Mayor, 5 Council X X X X X
  Herndon-Mayor, 6 Council X X X X X
  Vienna-Mayor, 3 Council X X X X X
  Vienna-3 Council X X X X X


All polling places will be open from 6:00 am to 7:00 pm. Any eligible voter who is in line by 7:00 pm will be permitted to vote. Lee District is composed of 24 precincts (Bush Hill, Cameron, Clermont, Crestwood, Fairfield, Forestdale, Franconia, Garfield, Greenspring, Groveton, Hayfield, Huntley, Hybla Valley, Island Creek, Kingstowne, Lane, Lynbrook, Mount Eagle, Pioneer, Pinewood, Rose Hill, Van Dorn, Villages, Virginia Hills).

Across these 24 precincts, Lee District is represented by two United States Congressional Districts (the 8th and 11th), four Virginia Senate Districts (the 30th, 35th, 36th and 39th), and three Virginia Delegate Districts (the 39th, 43rd, and 44th).


  • Virginia has a General Election every year on the Tuesday following the first Monday in November
  • Federal offices are elected in even-numbered years
  • State and Local offices are elected in odd-numbered years
  • If primaries are called by the political parties, they are held on the second Tuesday in June.

Article One of the United States Constitution requires that any election for the U.S. President must occur on a single day throughout the country; elections for Congressional offices, however, can be held at different times. Congressional and presidential elections take place simultaneously every four years, and the intervening Congressional elections, which take place every two years, are called Midterm elections.


You may register to vote year-round except during the 21 days prior to a General or Primary election, 13 days prior to a Special election, or 6 days prior to a Special election called by the Governor (Code of Virginia §§ 24.2-416 – updated 1.1.2010). If you are already registered at your current address, you do not have to register again.

The registration deadline for the 2016 election is October 17, 2016.

Alternate language voter registration forms (from the US Election Assistance Commission), click here.

In Person Registration

  • Fairfax County Office of Elections, Suite 323
    Fairfax County Governmental Center
    12000 Government Center Parkway
    Fairfax, VA 22035
    703.222.0776 phone

By Mail Registration

  • Pick up a Virginia Voter Registration Application at the following sites:
    • Public libraries
    • Department of Motor Vehicles offices
    • Military recruitment offices
    • Public assistance agency offices
    • District Governmental Centers
    • Board of Supervisors Offices
    • Citizen Information Desk in the County Government Center lobby
    • Judicial Center information desk
  • Mail the application to:
    • Fairfax County Office of Elections, Suite 323
      Fairfax County Governmental Center
      12000 Government Center Parkway
      Fairfax, VA 22035

PLEASE NOTE: Virginia law requires that those who register by mail, rather than in person, must vote in person the first time they vote.


Section 24.2-612, which requires that the electoral board make printed ballots available for absentee voting at least 45 days “prior to any election,” (with a possible exception for non-federal special elections) was amended by the General Assembly in 2010, to reflect the 45 day requirement for “any election.”  Prior to the amendment, a 45 day requirement had been applicable only to General Elections and Special Elections held in November, with a 30 day requirement having been applied to other elections.

By Mail

In Person

In person absentee voting for the 2015 General Election – Fairfax County residents:

  • Fairfax County Government Center, Conference Room 2/3, 12000 Government Center Parkway, Fairfax, 22035Weekdays 
    • September 23 to October 14
      • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday: 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.; Thursday: 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.
    • October 17 to November 4
      • Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.


    • October 1, 8, 15, 22, 29 and November 5, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

The office will be closed on Monday, October 10 in observance of Columbus Day.

Satellite Voting Locations



  • October 1, 8, 15, 22, 29 and November 5, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.


  • October 17 to November 4
    • Monday – Friday, 2:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Absentee Voting is Not Actually Early Voting

Unlike some states where all voters may vote in advance of Election Day, in Virginia a person must specify a reason on their absentee ballot application. This reason may not be challenged; however, clarification may be requested to satisfy completing the application.

Persons entitled to vote by absentee ballot.

The following registered voters may vote by absentee ballot in accordance with the provisions of this chapter (§ 24.2-700) in any election in which they are qualified to vote:

  1. Any person who, in the regular and orderly course of his business, profession, or occupation or while on personal business or vacation, will be absent from the county or city in which he is entitled to vote;
  2. Any person who is (i) a member of a uniformed service, as defined in § 24.2-452, on active duty, (ii) temporarily residing outside of the United States, or (iii) the spouse or dependent residing with any person listed in clause (i) or (ii), and who will be absent on the day of the election from the county or city in which he is entitled to vote;
  3. Any student attending a school or institution of learning, or his spouse, who will be absent on the day of election from the county or city in which he is entitled to vote;
  4. Any duly registered person with a disability, as defined in § 24.2-101, who is unable to go in person to the polls on the day of election because of his disability, illness, or pregnancy;
  5. Any person who is confined while awaiting trial or for having been convicted of a misdemeanor, provided that the trial or release date is scheduled on or after the third day preceding the election. Any person who is awaiting trial and is a resident of the county or city where he is confined shall, on his request, be taken to the polls to vote on election day if his trial date is postponed and he did not have an opportunity to vote absentee;
  6. Any person who is a member of an electoral board, registrar, officer of election, or custodian of voting equipment;
  7. Any duly registered person who is unable to go in person to the polls on the day of the election because he is primarily and personally responsible for the care of an ill or disabled family member who is confined at home;
  8. Any duly registered person who is unable to go in person to the polls on the day of the election because of an obligation occasioned by his religion;
  9. Any person who, in the regular and orderly course of his business, profession, or occupation, will be at his place of work and commuting to and from his home to his place of work for 11 or more hours of the 13 hours that the polls are open pursuant to § 24.2-603;
  10. Any person who is a law-enforcement officer, as defined in § 18.2-51.1; firefighter, as defined in § 65.2-102; volunteer firefighter, as defined in § 27-42; search and rescue personnel, as defined in § 18.2-51.1; or emergency medical services personnel, as defined in § 32.1-111.1; or
  11. Any person who has been designated by a political party, independent candidate, or candidate in a primary election to be a representative of the party or candidate inside a polling place on the day of the election pursuant to subsection C of § 24.2-604 and § 24.2-639.

(Code 1950, § 24-319; 1952, c. 488; 1970, c. 462, § 24.1-227; 1971, Ex. Sess., c. 119; 1972, c. 620; 1974, c. 428; 1975, c. 515; 1976, c. 616; 1981, c. 425; 1983, c. 461; 1988, c. 6; 1989, c. 320; 1993, cc. 414, 641; 1995, c. 157; 1998, c. 254; 2000, c. 378; 2001, c. 631; 2002, cc. 785, 819; 2008, cc. 425, 880; 2009, cc. 405, 873; 2010, c. 244; 2012, c. 353.)

Election Day History
Why it is the day it is. Election Day (the day that United States citizens cast their ballot to elect government officials) is the Tuesday on or after November 2nd.

  • November was selected because the harvest work was done.
  • Tuesday was selected because many people had to travel the day before to reach the polling place. Since most people did not travel on Sunday for religious reasons, they did not want it to be on a Monday.
  • Election Day was not to fall on November 1st because it is All Saints Day.
  • Election Day was not to fall on the first of the month because many shop keepers did their books for the preceding month on the first.


  • Fairfax County Office of Elections
    • The Electoral Board and The General Registrar
      Fairfax County Governmental Center
      12000 Government Center Parkway, Suite 323
      Fairfax, VA 22035
      open for business weekdays, 8:00 am – 6:00 pm
      Electoral Board, 703.324.4735, FAX: 703.324.4706
      General Registrar, 703.222.0776, FAX: 703.324.2205
  • Virginia State Board of Elections
    • Suite 101, 200 North 9th Street
      Richmond, VA 23219-3485
      804.864.8901 Toll Free: 800.552.9745 FAX: 804.371.0194

For information about each district representative listed below, click here.  

NO. PRECINCT US Congressional District VA Senate District VA Delegate District POLLING PLACE
401 Bush Hill 8 39 43 Bush Hill Elementary School
5927 Westchester St
Alexandria, VA 22310
402 Cameron 8 30 43 Cameron Elementary School
3434 Campbell Dr
Alexandria, VA 22303
404 Franconia 8 36 43 Edison High School
5801 Franconia Rd
Alexandria, VA 22310
405 Groveton 8 30 44 Groveton Elementary School
6900 Harrison Ln
Alexandria, VA 22305
429 Hybla Valley 8 36 44 Hybla Valley Elementary School
3415 Lockheed Blvd
Alexandria, VA 22306
406 Hayfield 8 30 44 Hayfield Elementary School
7633 Telegraph Rd
Alexandria, VA 22315
408 Mount Eagle 8 30 43 Mt Eagle Elementary School
6116 N Kings Hwy
Alexandria, VA 22303
409 Pioneer 8 39 39 Lee High School
6540 Franconia Rd
Springfield, VA 22150
410 Rose Hill 8 30/39 43 Rose Hill Elementary School
6301 Rose Hill Dr
Alexandria, VA 22310
411 Virginia Hills 8 30/36 43 Virginia Hills Center
6520 Diana Ln
Alexandria, VA 22310
413 Fairfield 8 36 44 Mt. Vernon Woods Elementary School
4015 Fielding St
Alexandria, VA 22309
415 Crestwood 8 35 39 Crestwood Elementary School
6010 Hanover Ave
Springfield, VA 22150
417 Garfield 8 39 39 Garfield Elementary School
7101 Old Keene Mill Rd
Springfield, VA 22150
418 Lynbrook 8 35 39 Lynbrook Elementary School
5801 Backlick Rd
Springfield, VA 22150
419 Lane 8 39 39/43 Lane Elementary School
7137 Beulah St
Alexandria, VA 22315
420 Villages 8 36 43 Hayfield Secondary School
7630 Telegraph Rd
Alexandria, VA 22310
421 Kingstowne 8 39 43 Hayfield Secondary School
7630 Telegraph Rd
Alexandria, VA 22310
422 Van Dorn 8 39 43 Key Middle School
6402 Franconia Rd
Springfield, VA 22150
423 Clermont 8 30 43 Clermont Elementary School
5720 Clermont Dr
Alexandria, VA 22310
424 Huntley 8 36 43 St. Mark’s Church
426 Greenspring 11 39 39 Greenspring Conference Center
7430 Spring Village Dr
Springfield, VA 22150
427 Island Creek 8 39 43 Island Creek Elementary School
7855 Morning View Ln
Alexandria, VA 22315
428 Pinewood 8 36 44 Mt. Vernon Woods Elementary School
4015 Fielding St
Alexandria, VA 22309


On Election Day volunteers work inside and outside the polls, and there are guidelines and laws that apply (commonly referred to as the ‘Dos and Don’ts‘; rev 9/23/2013) is available, click here.

A comprehensive quick reference guide to resolving voting issues such as voter identification, address or name change, poll book listing, accessibility, and other topics (commonly referred to as the ‘What If’s‘, rev 8/20/2014) is available, click here.

Voter ID Chart is a handy reference to the acceptable ID to vote, rev. 8/20/2014, click here.

NEW — Voter Photo ID What If Guide, rev. 8/14/2014, click here.


State law prohibits putting political campaign signs on roads and medians.

Political signs are allowed on private property with some limitations. Under the county’s zoning rules, they may only be put up 75 days before an election, and they must be taken down within 15 days after the election. Furthermore, they may not exceed 32 square feet in size, and free-standing signs may not be taller than 8 feet high.

During the times the polls are open and ballots are being counted, political signs may be placed outside official polling places for a maximum of 24 hours, but they are not permitted within 40 feet of any entrance of any polling place, according to state law (24.2-604).


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